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MongoDB 1.5.7 - 1.6RC2 is out and ready for testing In a message posted by Eliot at Mongo DB list

Horseshit on a stick "Can Open Source be secure" BCS riposte An article published by the BCS was brought to my attention, and it was full of such glaring omissions and implicit attacks on free software that it had to be dealt with. initially written as a comment, it quickly extended way beyond the length of the original article...

Coding challenge - reverse a string It's simple. That's the point.

Python GUI Proposal in the longest thread i've ever contributed to rather than sparked off as a flame-war, i describe why i think that leveraging web browser technology is a much better way to create a widget set.

The behavioral economics of free software People who use and promote free software cite various reasons for their choice, but do those reasons tell the whole story? If, as a community, we want free software to continue to grow in popularity, especially in the mainstream, we should understand better the true reasons for choosing it&mdash;especially our own. <p> <p> This is a repost of an article originally posted at http://mdzlog.alcor.net/2010/05/25/the-behavioral-economics-of-free- software/

Auditory recognition module for artificial intelligence <p>The AudRecog mind-module for auditory recognition in artificial intelligence (AI) tests user input one character or phoneme at a time to recognize words and morphemes that will activate a concept in the AI Mind or extract meaning from an idea.

Hacking computers, hacking life Some of you may not know that in addition to my admin responsibility at GNU-Darwin, I am a biochemist and protein crystallographer, as well as the X-ray lab manager and systems admin for the Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry Department at Johns Hopkins University. Here are some Hopkins links. <p> <p> http://biophysics.med.jhmi.edu/xtal/ http://biophysics.med.jhmi.edu/love/ <p> <p> The main reasons that I went into life sciences were to increase intelligence and longevity, which is like hacking computers, but it is hacking the body instead.


proclus/GNU-Darwin Lives! I've been keeping this journal the way it was in 2000 for historical archival reasons. If you are interested in current information, here are some up to date links.

'A Critical Examination on Recruitment/Promotion Process" <strike>THIS IS AN ALGORITHM WITH PERFECT SOLUTION BELIEVE TO BE FOUND.</strike><p> by Susan and Eric. <i> { scene setup: <p> <p> <p> pencil, paper, paper plate, pen, scissor, rubber band, rubber eraser, black ink, red ink, table, chair, clock, 4 huge windows, 1 hidden observation window. At least 4 applicants in the same room. allow discussions, making noises, every other way of interactions except killing each other with tools not listed above. Each applicant was given several pages of test papers. Testing duration is not specified. Background music playing BACH Violin and Voice. Hilary HAHN, Matthias GOERNE, Christine SCHAFER....} </i>

Happy Valentine's Day My thoughts put burden on my mind. From reporting of the prosecution of Rutger's Chinese Ph.D for 'trespassing' at Newark airport that produced a HUGE security breach scare, to my disliking of James Lewis argument that Internet can not remain entirely as a self-organizing entity'

Green Arrays, Inc - Chuck Moore's company "All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." <p> Chuck Moore now has a weblog and his own company Green Arrays Inc near Lake Tahoe from incline village. <p> cheers!

Proposal to extend DNS with Peer to Peer server-independence Google and others have just proposed that DNS be extended. If DNS is going to be changed in such a minor way, why not do something much more useful and interesting, which has a fully-functioning implementation already in prevalent use for over fifteen years on millions of free software systems? Why not make the DNS protocol a true server-independent peer-to-peer Naming Service? In combination with the modern DNSSEC extensions, many of the complaints associated with the current peer-to-peer free software implementation would vanish.

Proprietary File Formats conflict with Equal Opportunities In applying for jobs and contract opportunities, the first hurdle is the request for a CV in a proprietary document format. ASCII text, the utmost basic of file formats, defeats many stupid employers and recruitment agencies. Whilst this is useful to help weed out working for companies with stupid people in them, it doesn't help in actually getting work. <p> <p> The approach which has actually had far greater success, however, in getting companies to change their policy of using proprietary document formats is to explain clearly that the "online application form" contravenes "Equal Opportunities" legislation. This article describes the approaches taken and the success stories, one at a time, by which the proprietary document format practices have been successfully changed.

Individual Rights and the Political Process "Individual Rights and the Political Process: A Proposed Framework for Democracy Defining Cases" by Walter M. Frank